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I live in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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In 2006 I graduated from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Computer Technology.
After hopping around a bit, I landed at a private school, Crofton House, where I worked a multi-hat IT position for ten years. Most of what I did there was troubleshoot and repair computers. Both Apple and Windows PCs. My other duties included everything from tech support to server management to scripting and programming.

After leaving the school in 2017 I gave away most everything and sold my condo before throwing my mum and two cats into a motorhome. From Vancouver, BC we travelled down the Oregon coast before heading inland. We spent six months on the road making it all the way down to New Orleans before making our way up to Atlantic Canada. You can read all about our adventures here. Truly, an amazing experience!
From there I lived in Nova Scotia on Cape Sable Island (alas not the one with the horses) where I spent 18 months renovating a house before realizing I really missed the city. Which is why I've landed up in Saint John.

A bit of history there but really what I wanted to convey is I am highly versatile and willing to tackle a wide variety of challenges.

During recent years I've worked on several programming projects. Mostly for my personal amusement and to keep up with my programing and admin skills. The includes the x64 Emulator and, most notably, seriously pinned which is the long arm quilting service my mum has opened. I have been busy working with her to get a site as well as help her with her start-up and the prep needed to secure funding.
She has since closed her doors in favour of returning west with me; However, the site remains live.

Currently I've switched to a less IT specific role to presue other asperations. I've been enjoying this new journey and the challenges it has brought.



Seriously Pinned

Seriously pinned was built, from the ground up, by me. The hexagon layout is based on Red Blob Games and he really deserves credit for just a great resource. The rest of the design utilizes Snap.svg and C# web API for the back end. All of the tiles are generated dynamically and you'll notice ony certain tiles remain in the same spot on each page load.